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Get to Know Us

Harris and Associates LLC was started in the mid 90s as a marketing and networking firm by Michael Coach Harris. His daughter, Alexis Harris, re-established the firm in 2015 to advance  underserved and under represented communities and business owners. Our firm is an 8a, WSOB seeking clients that are ready to make a change through action!

Harris and Associates LLC , also known as Consulting Harris  is an ancillary consultancy re-established in 2015. Our firm is dedicated to increasing access to resources, promoting community wellness, and advocating for safe access through community partnerships and advocacy.  We believe that harm reduction through economic development is the basis for sustainable communities. Therefore, we provide services that support the growth and operations of small businesses and non-profit organizations through partnership agreements and innovative collaborative projects.

Alexis Harris

Chief Operating Officer

Our core values lead our clients to meaningful solutions to make an impact within their company as well as the communities that they serve. We are able to achieve the goals of our clients by increasing their brand visibility, collaborative partnerships and curated networking experiences.


Corporate Partners

Community Collaborations 
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