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Alexis Harris- Youngest Black Speaker at World's Largest Hemp Expo

Have you ever been to The NoCo Hemp Expo? For the past eight years industry advocates, business owners and educators have gathered to inform the general public about the green evolution. Noco (North Colorado) Hemp expo serves as a platform for the industry's top service providers in the world. Each year tens of thousands of people fly to this expo as well as WAFBA'S additional conferences. Our CEO Alexis Harris was invited to speak in North Carolina for their first Southern Hemp Expo in 2021, after Morris Beegle (founder of WAFABA) attended GA's First Urban Hemp Farm in West End, Atlanta hosted by Harris and Associates LLC and The Georgia Hemp Association during his visit for the USA CBD Expo. March is women's history month and we are excited to announce that Alexis has been invited to be a speaker for their 2022 conference -- notably as the youngest black speaker on the program, as well as one of few women. Alexis has made an impactful imprint on the industry in a short amount of time through her in depth communication skills and ability to "bring it all together".

A quarter of the legal market of hemp is owned by multimillion dollar, multi state operating firms-- leaving many small businesses under represented and under funded on national campaigns for major corporations and firms. Farmer's needs are being suppressed and qualified service providers are consistently being overlooked when it's time to make money--- our CEO intends on filling that gap by initiating an Education Fund for hemp specific services. There is also a need for business development and support services within the industrial hemp marketplace overall. Alexis Harris is currently in discussion with community leaders across the nation to begin this fund to bridge the gap between corporate firms and community service providers to support small businesses in the hemp and cannabis space.

If you would like to support Alexis Harris in her efforts vote for Harris and Associates LLC for Noco's Award Ceremony for the category of your choice. Also follow, like and share updated information on our Instagram and Facebook at @Consultingharris. If you would like to donate to Harris and Associates LLC click here.

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