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The Future of Hemp in Georgia and the 2030 Initiative

September 28, 2022

Farmers across the nation continue to bear the bulk of expenses for the research and development of hemp, which is a form of cannabis and legalized in all 50 states through the 2018 Farm Bill Act.

Since then, Georgia Department of Agriculture has been tasked with leading hemp programs across the state. Additionally, activist and advocates have been hosting symposiums and forums to assist in education initiatives prior to formal legalization of the plant. Our team was invited by Mr.Kirven of Troop Farm Inc for a site tour of GA Hemp 4 Life, a family owned and operated licensed hemp grow right outside of the Metro Area.

Mr. and Mrs. Mays are first year growers. They utilized three different genetics provided by Blue 42 Organics and have partnered with Mrs. Emily, who primarily cares for the plants. They have various zones for growing and utilized both seeds and seedlings for their 2022 harvest. Some challenges that they faced were: lack of available education for starting the process, a fragmented market, no in state processors and the "unknown"--- criminalization, judgement from those who are miseducated about the plant among other factors. Although they have faced many challenges, GA Hemp 4 Life is dedicated to the advancement of the industry overall and have invested more than six figures into their grow. They anticipate providing a drying and storage building for local farmers in their area; this has been a major problem for farmers.

As this commodity continues to reemerge farmers and consumers should explore their relationship with this plant as the U.N Sustainable 2030 Initiative rapidly approaches.

Georgia has prime weather and soil for the outdoor growth of this plant both for medicinal and industrial purposes. If you would like to learn more about this plant and GA Hemp 4 Life, join us for the Hapeville Hemp Festival, Saturday October 1, 2022 in Hapeville, GA.

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