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Changing the Narrative

Alexis Harris, CEO of Harris and Associates LLC, is dedicated to changing the narrative across industry platforms to create a solid HUEman infrastructure. In a would of data driven automation, HUEman connection is more vital than ever. Currently each network has created a narrative that may not be effective for desired outcomes. There is a great assumption that those from certain backgrounds do not have a future in agriculture and that my friend is a LIE!!! From urban agriculture, herbalism, craft grows and community based projects, there are numerous ways to become involved.

Harris and Associates LLC has chosen a group of non profits from diverse backgrounds to create a collaborative mission; to scale successful business and community models. Harris is currently working with NPOs such as Troop Farms Inc, The Georgia Hemp Association and The Georgia Women In Agriculture Association and corporations to spread knowledge about food production, agriculture, specialized crops, wellness and sustainability. These groups have hosted a Farmer's Forum at the capitol and virtually for the past three years to connect farmers, industry professionals and elected officials. If you would like to participate in our 2022 Farmer's Forum send an email to identify if you would like to become a sponsor, be a speaker, or provide industry feedback.

This year we will discuss the lack of processing in the southeastern region, identify participants who want to lead the fight for the fair treatment of farmers in the supply chain and how to connect with new networks through NPOs.

Alexis Harris, CEO of Harris and Associates LLC with Owners of True Earth a Georgia Based Hemp Farm

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